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This site was last updated: May 6, 2015

News Flash


To keep membership costs low, no Office any more at Waterlow Road!

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PLEASE NOTE: This website is currently being updated to better let you know how we’re going to operate without the Waterlow Road office and events room, and with the newly elected Management Committee.  For any urgent questions, please email the Management Committee on info@nllets.co.uk.



Have you heard about the advantages of joining in?

Just like LETS organisations all over the world, we help local people in north London – from a wide variety of backgrounds and with all sorts of skills – to exchange their products and services to help one another.

Without money changing hands!  Like the idea?  Read on!


North London LETS is your Local Exchange Trading System in North London.

How do we do it?

  • North London LETS provides the structure for you to access local products and services.
  • Need a job doing? Check our latest membership directory for someone to do it!
  • Trading is done and recorded in an alternative unit of currency, called Pledges.
  • Take part in the cashless exchange of products and services in your local community!
  • Draw on a large local talent pool, and enjoy sharing your talents with others too!
  • Grasp a unique personal development opportunity to practice your existing skills and learn new ones!
  • Build some real community spirit!

Why do we do it?

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Our vision is to see all members of the local community benefit from the advantages and joys of mutually sharing our time, knowledge and skills, and thereby achieving a greater sense of belonging, opening personal growth opportunities and offering enhanced fulfilment in all our lives, within our local communities.

Think you might like to join in?

It’s so easy, click Join to find out how.


Any questions?

Take a look at About Us to see what we do, check our FAQs or Contact Us here at North London LETS.


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