Welcome to North London LETS!

Have you heard about the advantages of joining NLLETS?

North London LETS is the local scheme in North London that helps all its members, local residents, from a variety of backgrounds and with an assortment of skills, to exchange their goods and services to help each other. How?

  • Provides a structure to access local goods and services
  • Need a job done? Check our 2012 directory for someone to do it!
  • Trading is made and recorded in an alternative unit of currency, called pledges.
  • Take part in the cashless exchange of goods and services in your local community!
  • Grasp a unique self-improvement opportunity – practice your existing skills and learn new ones!
  • Build community spirit!

To join now, click  https://nllets.wordpress.com/join/

Any questions? Check the FAQs on https://nllets.wordpress.com/faqs/ or contact us here at North London LETS on  https://nllets.wordpress.com/contact-us-2/


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