WBC Short Application Deadline of 14th April for Volunteers! Help secure NLLETS Income Today!

Volunteers Needed Now!

North London LETS’ 2012 Income

Dear Members – and **friends and **family of NLLETS members who are over 18:

This is a fantastic time to grasp the opportunity take part in the buzz and atmosphere at some of the biggest live music festivals and outdoor events taking place up and down the country! There is even an Olympic event this year! Live music festivals are also a brilliant place to meet like minded people, and enjoy the great music and vibe of some of the most popular contemporary bands and soloists around, as well as classical favourites. Don’t miss out! Many live music festivals have sold out tickets for their best days already, so this could even be your last chance to attend!

Volunteer benefits include:

  • free entry to the festival
  • a couple of drinks to enjoy after every shift
  • meal vouchers

Why do we ask for Volunteers?

As members know, North London LETS also needs sterling income to finance our annual running costs so we can continue to exist to benefit all members e.g. office rent, telephone, post, paper, ink, printing and internet. These costs are largely covered by the sterling income our members generate, who kindly volunteer to work at these Workers Beer Company (WBC) Festivals and Events that take place throughout the year, and agree to donate their income paid by the Workers Beer Company to North London LETS. The WBC operates bars at these music festivals, where volunteers from community groups can work serving drinks to festivalgoers, to earn income on behalf of their organisation. North London LETS cooperates with the WBC to do this.

This year, we have just received an extremely short application deadline for our members to request to volunteer. So, if you can help out at one of the events below, please check your diary now and let our coordinator, Alan, know you are able to do so immediately (because the deadline is this Saturday 14th April 2012).

How to help:

State which dates and venues you are able to attend, and respond confirming your availability dates directly via email today to Alan’s email nlletswbccoordinator[at]e-apollo[dot]lv Alan is our long-standing Workers Beer Company Coordinator and supportive NLLETS member.   

For anyone having technical difficulty downloading these forms, here is the information they contain. In any case, please urgently email Alan your availability for dates/venues, even if you cannot do this using the form provided, as the deadline is looming and critical now. Thank you!


NLLETS/WBC Volunteer Availability – Festival Season 2012

April 2012 – please complete and return Saturday 14th April

Please indicate your availability to volunteer at the following events

(indicate only those that you can absolutely commit yourself to)

Volunteer Name: ……………………………..………………………………

If recommended, please state name: ………………….………..…..             (of NLLETS Member)


Event 1: BT London Live – Victoria Park Olympic Events

Dates: Fri 27th July – Sun 12th Aug 2012

For more info click: http://www.btlondonlive.com/victoria-park

In addition to the screen showing of the Olympic events, there will be live music performances every night.



Dates Camping Transport
Fri 27th July No infor-mation yet No infor-mation yet
Sat 28th July
Sun 29th July
Mon 30th July
Tue 31st July
Wed 1st Aug
Thu 2nd Aug
Fri 3rd Aug
Sat 4th Aug
Sun 5th Aug
Mon 6th Aug
Tue 7th Aug
Wed 8th Aug
Thu 9th Aug
Fri 10th Aug
Sat 11th Aug
Sun 12th Aug

Event 2: Women Chainmakers Festival – Sandwell, West Midlands

Date: 9th June 2012

For more info click: http://www.tuc.org.uk/union/tuc-20873-f0.cfm?regional=6

Blog: http://womenchainmakersfestival.blogspot.co.uk/



Date Camping Transport
Sat 9th June NO (not known yet)

Event 3: Crystal Palace Garden Party

Dates: 23rd – 24th June 2012

For more info click: http://www.crystalpalacepeople.co.uk/event/Crystal-Palace-Race-Life-2012/event-15669856-detail/event.html

and http://www.crystalpalacegardenparty.com/pages/main.html



Date Camping Transport
Sat 23rd June NO (not known yet)
Sun 24th June

Event 4: Latutide

Dates: 12th – 15th July 2012

For more info click: http://www.latitudefestival.co.uk/



Date Camping Transport
Thu 12th July YES Travel Wed 11thJulyReturn Mon 16th July
Fri 13th July
Sat 14th July
Sun 15th July

Event 5: Tolpuddle

Dates: 13th – 15th July 2012

For more info click: http://www.tolpuddlemartyrs.org.uk/index.php?page=martyr-s-festival



Date Camping Transport
Fri 13th July YES YES – dates tbc
Sat 14th July
Sun 15th July

Event 6: Reading

Dates: 24th – 26th August 2012

For more info click: http://www.readingfestival.co.uk/



Date Camping Transport
Fri 24th Aug YES Travel Thu 23rdAugustReturn Mon 27th August
Sat 25th Aug
Sun 26th Aug

Event 7: Leeds

Dates: 24th – 26th August 2012

For more info click: http://www.leedsfestival.com/



Date Camping Transport
Fri 24th Aug YES Travel Thu 23rdAugustReturn Mon 27th August
Sat 25th Aug
Sun 26th Aug

Event 8: Proms in the Park – London

Dates: 8th – 9th September 2012

For more info click: http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms/features/proms-in-the-park

and http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms/whats-on/2011/august-08



Date Camping Transport
Sat 8th Sept NO NO
Sun 9th Sept

Please note at this stage there are no guarantees to allocations at any event. We may or may not be successful in any event.

Confirmation of allocations may be as late as end May or June – unfortunately NLLETS has no control over this.

* However, it is important to commit yourself to what you choose as dropping out may have an impact on our allocation at future events *


Any queries?

Please address all queries in this matter to Alan’s email directly:

Some questions may be answered by clicking here to access the Workers Beer Company’s website directly and then clicking on the links at the bottom of their page. Or click directly on the festival links provided above. Please also click here to view more information on volunteering.

We look forward to your kind generosity here, that enables our non-profit making community organisation to continue to serve both our members and our local community!


If you are unable to volunteer to attend any of these events (and we do understand not everyone is able to), but feel able to make a sterling donation to support our North London LETS annual office running expenses, or know someone who would like to and can, this would also be most welcome and much appreciated. Please note that all office admin and support people who keep the wheels of North London LETS turning for everyone, are people who volunteer their time and skills to benefit all.

Please click here to contact the office to discuss a donation, or for more details on how to best donate to your local North London LETS community non-profit organisation.

A big thank you to all!


Please note:

**Friends and **family of NLLETS members who would like to help us out by volunteering, and who are over 18, can, however will need to join NLLETS first. This is easy and entails a one-off very low annual cost only of min. £8 and max. £16, depending on your employment status. Click here to see how to join us, in 2 easy steps.

If you are considering volunteering, due to the volunteer application deadline of this Saturday, 14th April 2012, please advise Alan of your firm participation at an above event today on the form via his email nlletswbccoordinator[at]e-apollo[dot]lv, and that you are about to join NLLETS. This will enable Alan to collate and submit all information onto a website. Forms received by Alan after this date may not be considered. 

If you wish to be considered for volunteering at future festival events next year, please let Alan know by email on

Volunteers must be over 18 to work behind a bar – if a volunteer is under 21, they may be required to bring ID along to festivals. This may be extended to those under 25.

Please also email NLLETS Admin on info@nllets.co.uk to request to become a North London LETS member asap.

Many thanks, have fun and do good at the festivals!


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