URGENT Fundraising Meetings 21st & 28th July 2012

Reminder to all Members:

Two important NLLETS meetings are taking place on:

Saturday, 21st July from 3pm – 6pm and

Saturday, 28th July from 3pm – 6pm

Venue: 1b Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ

See here for directions.
Please see below for further details.

Open Letter

Dear North London LETS Members,

We have only very recently learnt that our projected income from the Worker’s Beer Company voluntary manning of beer stands at live music festivals around the UK will drop dramatically in 2012. As this has been our main source of income for several years, this means that our cash flow has suddenly taken a big hit. And this affects us all. 
We all urgently need to find alternative ways of raising funds for North London LETS, so we can cover our fixed running costs (office rent, phone, broadband, printer ink, paper, stamps, stationery, etc.) that enable us to both to cohesively manage our organisation from our office space, and effectively support our members. We would also like to keep the communal events room available for our organisation, to facilitate management committee meetings, trading events, socials and fundraising events – such as our fantastically successful Big Live Music Evening Fundraiser this past Saturday, which was enjoyed by all.

What can you do for one another now?

Please ask yourself what you are able to do for North London LETS:

  • Can you individually come up with some ideas to raise money quickly?
  • Can you talk to other North London LETS members and organise fundraising events with them to generate income within the next month?
  • Are you personally able to donate any funds to support North London LETS?
This matter affects every North London LETS member. Whether you have recently been actively involved or not with volunteering in any capacity, it really doesn’t matter. We are asking everyone to come on board now.
Please join us for a ‘Big Live Meeting’  :) happy  also at our Events Room at 1b Waterlow Road. We appreciate not everybody will be able to attend on one day.
Please bring with you:
  • Practical ideas designed to raise funds
  • Hand-on offers of what you can do, or take part in
  • Your enthusiasm, positivity and goodwill so we can succeed together
Click below for some superb fundraising ideas to get you all started:
Kindly note these meetings will strictly not be for any form of ideological discussion, debate, argument or similar divisive or historical issues. Here is where we come together. If you would like to do that, now is the time. Looking forward!

Two Meetings Taking Place:

There will be two meeting dates offered and taking place, to ensure everyone is able to attend either one or the other meeting, where every member can contribute to addressing this matter. Fundraising is not someone else’s responsibilty at North London LETS, but remains all our joint responsibility.
Please indicate by return email to nllets@ymail.com or a brief phone message to the office on which day you can attend.
In order to economise on postage, please contact all North London LETS members you know, who are not on email, to let them know about these important meetings, and invite them to join us here.

Saturday, 21st July from 3pm – 6pm

Saturday, 28th July from 3pm – 6pm

Venue: 1b Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ

See here for directions.

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