Important Meeting on Future of NLLETS

Meeting Date is Announced!

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Dear Members,
The NLLETS meeting will be tomorrow:

Thursday 16th May at 6pm


1b Waterlow Road

We will discuss such things as finding new Management Committee members, membership payments, future of NLLETS, etc.
Sorry its such short notice but hope you can come.
Mary Herivel
(Management Committee Member)


! Breaking News – RSVP ASAP !

The North London LETS Management Committee today advises all NLLETS members (and appeals to all volunteers and prospective members!):

News Broadcast Microphone


Dear NLLETS Members and Management Committee,
I am trying to arrange a meeting for everyone because the Admin Team (currently doing all the office administration work) have given one months notice  to resign from the Management Committee on 26/4/13.
At this meeting we will be able to discuss the future of NLLETS and where we go from here. This is a big question.
If there are sufficient interested parties coming forward to volunteer as members of the Management Committee or to take on different roles running the administration, how the administrative work is split can be discussed at length.
Here are 3 possible dates for our meeting – please let me know ASAP on what suits you or enter all dates you can attend in the form below.  The meeting would be held at 1b Waterlow Road, N19 5NJ at 6pm:

Thursday  16th May

Friday       17th May

Monday     20th May

I look forward to your reply.
Mary Herivel

Contact Us Form for Meeting



8 Responses to Important Meeting on Future of NLLETS

  1. Henu says:

    HI Claire,

    come to the Management Group meeting in August (as you know any and all members are welcome at any MG meeting to listen and to speak – just no voting unless you get co-opted by the MG) – and meet the new ‘committee’ and hopefully the existing office team and find out what’s cooking an how the land lies…

    MG member
    member 773


    • Hi Henu, again, as I just replied to Lucia, I haven’t signed up to the automatic newsletter and update delivery until this month, December, had not realised I’d got an encouraging email to come along to an MC meeting in July.


  2. Lucia(MC) says:

    Dear Claire,
    I am a member of MC, are you still interested to join NLLETS/Admin team?We are going to have another meeting the end of August.

    Please let us know if you can.

    Many thanks,



    • Hi Lucia, I didn’t subscribe to the NLLETS automatic ‘drop- in -your -email -box updates-automatically until recently, so didn’t see your response to me back in July until this month, December. Oh dear sorry about that!


  3. Henu says:


    Date: Sat, 25 May 2013 02:28:01 -0700
    From: mary===================
    Subject: re:pre AGM meeting/mary herivel
    To: ============================

    the meeting is definately set for Tues 4th June, 6pm at 1b Waterlow rd – I’m having trouble sending the info to all members from the NLLETS email system here in Oxford – so I will do it when I get back to London tomorrow .
    Best Wishes,
    Mary Herivel


  4. Henu says:

    HI GUYS! NEXT (follow up) meeting in beginning of June – watch this site! – and don’t forget the AGM is due during the summer – so get yer thinking cap on in good time! Henu


  5. Hi Clare,

    Thank you so much for your early and very encouraging response!

    This is exactly the boost our organisation needs – and at just the right time too! No worries, you won’t be alone as we know the admin work has to be shared – and it’s much more fun that way too!

    I shall look forward to chatting with you at the meeting Claire – the exact date will be published here as soon as known – and can’t see Brenda or Alex objecting to a handover!

    Just a handful more responses like this folks, and we’d be over the moon!

    Who else can find just a little time in their diary to keep this marvellous organisation alive and well?

    Keep your offers coming, as your help really means the world to us!

    Best wishes,



  6. moren4 says:


    Just to say that I might be interested in doing some admin work in the office myself, if someone else was interested in helping out, and if Brenda and Alex couuld do some handover, but I’ll come to the meeting to hear the general picture, and obviously I’m not a very active or well known member.

    Look forward to seeing you all after quite a while.

    Claire Hardiman


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