Pre-AGM Meeting at 6pm on Tusday 4th June 2013!

Message from the Management Committee to all Members

Lightbulb meeting


Hi All,
The next North London LETS meeting (pre-AGM) will be on:

Tuesday 4th June 2013, at 6pm

Venue is 1b Waterlow Road

Some of the topics up for discussion will be:
  • Agenda for AGM
  • Urgent need for new MC members
  • Payment of subscription fees
Look forward to seeing you.
Mary Herivel

We welcome our members’ contributions!


This is a good time to bring all your great ideas along to further improve our North London LETS for everyone!

Please remember your subs!

Subs - coins held in fingertips

The treasurer and admin team will be available to take any subs due, so please all remember to bring these along.
To reduce admin time and overheads, it was approved at our 2012 AGM that all members’ subs payments will now be collected annually on the same date of 1st March each year from 2013!
You won’t loose out if you joined during the year, as for one transition year only, your subs due will be calculated proportionally.

One Response to Pre-AGM Meeting at 6pm on Tusday 4th June 2013!

  1. Henu says:

    “money money moniiiiiiii – makes the world go round…” – or does it? yes ok, we need some dosh for the inevitable expenses, but what we need to think very carefully is which expenses and how much are truly unavoidable – i.e. start to cut our coat according to our cloth AND since this enterprise is aimed for the moneyless rather than moneyed classes we need to set a very low fee rate and/or easy terms for the poorest to enable them to join


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