North London LETS at Apple Day 19.11.2013

A Local Apple or Two a Day … 


Representatives from North London LETS  joined Transition Crouch End for another fun Apple Day at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, Mayfield Road, N8 9LP from 2-5pm

Local residents brought home grown apples to press and delicious fresh juice was made and enjoyed.

All sorts of apple produce found its way onto the taster table and into the chutney challenge too.

Lots of apple activities and demos filled the afternoon, plus of course tea and cakes at the Transition cafe.

A healthy bite of life!


What is Apple Day?


Apple Day is an annual celebration of the diversity of locally harvested produce, of which apples have become the symbol.

The tradition of Apple Day began in 1990 when the UK charity Common Ground began promoting the idea that having a wide variety of distinctive locally grown fruit and vegetable varieties available in orchards and on farms, matters to local communities and their landscape.

Did you know there are 2,300 apple varieties grown in the British Isles?

The first Apple Day took place on October 21, 1990 in Covent Garden, London. Today, Apple Day is celebrated on the weekend closest to that date in October.

By linking apple varieties to their places of origin, it is hoped orchards will be conserved, and become recognised as making a real contribution to the character of a locality, as well as providing valuable sustainable habitats for wildlife.



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