Bye bye Office, bye bye!

NLLETS’ Waterlow Road Office News

North London LETS, 1A & 1B Waterlow Road

North London LETS’ former office and events room at 1A & 1B Waterlow Road.


In order to be able to keep membership fees low, North London LETS recently reviewed ways to further reduce our operating costs to benefit our members.

As a result, at the AGM on 15.03.2015, the Management Committee proposed, and the Membership decided, to no longer renew the rental contract for use of the Waterlow Road office and meeting rooms in Archway.


North London LETS continues operating fully in every other way, just without the regular expense of office rent now.

We’re making good use of our online trading system CES, email contact and this website to keep you updated.

Please subscribe (for free) to this website if you wish to remain up-to-date by receiving any news items posted here directly on email.




There is no central telephone number at the moment. Please use email to contact the Management Committee directly.

We check regularly. A Management Committee member will get back to you as soon as possible.




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