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North London LETS – What do we do?

North London LETS was established almost 2 decades ago to help local people, who are members, get in contact with one another, to mutually share their time, knowledge and skills, for the benefit of all.

At the heart of our organisation, is the philosophy that by enabling local access to people, products and services in an indirect exchange for offering one’s own, the day-to-day lives of all our members are made easier. Particularly, if friends and family are not always nearby to lend a hand.

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Make your life easier in your community!

We believe that by making contact, people can easily offer others help with whatever skills they have, and obtain help in return with other things and skills they may need.

The big advantage over a straight swap of time and services with one other person, is that within North London LETS, members can flexibly swap their time and skills for absolutely anyone else’s, who is a member; not just with the person they have directly helped!

At North London LETS we share this flexible swapping idea with over 80 members, including plumbers, bakers, housewives, gardeners, cooks, photographers, poets, secretaries, house sitters, alternative health practitioners, artists, mothers, fathers, retired people, singers, dog walkers, cat sitters, plant waterers, etc.

Nationally and internationally, the LETS system is practiced by thousands more, who have joined LETS clubs all over the world in their local communities. This helps individuals within their local communities, and thus communities worldwide, to prosper.

Particularly at this time of economic uncertainty and rising prices, it’s not difficult to see how we can all benefit, by helping one another.

All we ask, is our members’ active participation and willingness to invest their time and offer their skills to others, as and when they are able.

With the help of North London LETS, you can make it happen! Our members have a wide range of different skills, knowledge and time available to offer. Individual offers and wants include a broad mix of those available from laypeople and professionals alike.

Once a member, you’ll be able to view the membership directory, with its listing of all offers and wants. Then, all you’ll need to do is match these with those best suited to help you achieve, or give you, what you want.

At North London LETS, it’s good to know all members have something to offer one another!

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