You Ask and We Answer!


Q. What if I don’t have anything to offer?

A. You do! Everyone has something to offer. Can you put up a shelf? Sew a pair of curtains? Cook a tasty meal? Give someone a lift? Walk a dog? Help with gardening? You could get your hair cut, get organically grown food, learn a language, book a massage and loads more. LETS members can sometimes offer to loan equipment such as ladders, drills and lawn mowers to one another.

You don’t have to be a professional in the service you’re offering, although if you are, please say so in your offer to let people know.


Q. How can I become a North London LETS member?

A. It’s easy to join. Click here to learn how.


Q. How much is the annual subscription to North London LETS?

A. This amount depends on your employment status. Unwaged £8, Part-time £12, Full-time £16.


Q. How can I pay my annual subscription?

A. In cash, or by cheque, or by setting up a standing order or a direct debit to North London LETS account (contact the North London LETS Office for current details).


Q. How do I begin to trade with North London LETS?

A. It’s really easy to begin. Contact the North London LETS Introduction Team to learn more, then come to one of our regular Welcome Sessions at the office. Click here to contact the Introduction Team at the office.  To see an example of a trade, click here.


Q. How do I use the online trading system?

A. It’s easy! Click here to go to your North London LETS online Local Exchange & Trading System now. Then just input your Account Number, Password and press the Enter button to log in to your North London LETS Account.

N.B. You will need to enter your Account Number in the following format: Upper case letters NLCE and then 4 digits (a combination of leading zeros and your membership number without any spaces).

For example:

  • if your NLLETS membership number is 5, your online account number will be NLCE0005
  • if your NLLETS membership number is 74, your online account number will be NLCE0074
  • if your NLLETS membership number is 903, your online account number will be NLCE0903

If you are still unsure, or don’t use computers often, well done for getting this far! 🙂 Click here for step-by-step instructions that will guide you through logging in to your account easily, and help you to learn how to use the North London LETS online Local Exchange & Trading System.


Q. I’ve forgotten or lost my log in details for online trading with North London LETS. What shall I do now, so I can log in again?

A.1 I’ve forgotten or lost my Membership Number

If you don’t remember or have lost your membership number, please check your Membership Welcome Pack, or click here to contact the club.

A.2 I’ve forgotten or lost my Password

If you don’t remember or have lost your password, please email us with your contact telephone number. We’ll reply, by email and/or phone, asking a few questions about you and your membership (to make sure it’s you!) Then we can have your password reset, so you can get access to your online account again.

A.3 If you are currently waiting to obtain your replacement log in details from the North London LETS Office, and would like to trade in the interim, you can! Please use the North London LETS printed membership directory to contact members and your pledge cheques.


Q. How do I view sub-pages?

A. Let’s use the Members Area as an example, as it has recently had 3 sub-pages added to its menu. Click here to open a new window, where you can try out how to use sub-pages. Then, click back onto this FAQs page to read on.

Sub-pages are normal web pages that have been added beneath the main menu page. Their purpose is to group different types of information, which makes it easy and quicker to find.

The type of information contained on each sub-page is given a label. All sub-page labels automatically appear if you hover your mouse over the light grey colour Members Area main menu (above). To open and view these sub-pages, move your cursor down over the new sub-page label that interests you e.g. ‘Internal Recruitment‘ or ‘NLLETS Online Account – Login’ or ‘Membership Documentation’. When the sub-page label automatically turns a darker shade of grey, left click on it with your mouse to open and view the sub-page.


Q. How do I know when a committee meeting or AGM is to be held?

A. Check the News and Events page on this website by clicking here, or contact the club by email.


Q. How do I register pledges offline?

A. The recipient/’buyer’ of the goods or services (e.g. Andrew) writes a pledge cheque and hands it to the person delivering/’selling’ the service (e.g. Betty). Betty can hand in or post her pledge cheque to the North London LETS office, where office staff will credit Betty’s account whilst debiting Andrew’s account. Alternatively, the recipient/’buyer’ of the goods or services can fill in a pledge cheque and hand it to the person delivering the goods or services/’seller’, who can then hand it to someone on the Admin Team of North London LETS to be processed on the system.


Q. How do I register pledges online?

A. Only the person delivering/’selling’ the goods or services (e.g. Betty) can go to our online system (http://www.ces.org.za/) and record the pledges earned. The online system then credits and debits the relevant member accounts with these pledges.


Suggestions Box

FAQ Image Red Pen & Slot JPG


Is there something you would like to suggest? We welcome your input!

Please contact us by email info@nllets.co.uk.

To contact us at North London LETS, click here.


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