What can you do for North London LETS?

Help support us … here’s how

You can support the work of North London LETS in so many ways!

  • Become an active member and enjoy all the activities and benefits this brings. Click here to learn about joining.
  • Renew your lapsed membership. Click here to contact the team.
  • By fundraising from your armchair. Choose to receive your telephone, mobile and/or broadband from the Phone Co-op. Click here to learn more about their offers, and how you signing up helps us.
  • Volunteer at music festivals. Serve beer on behalf of The Worker’s Beer Company to music festival goers, and enjoy the buzz at internationally renowned live music festivals all over the UK. Listen to today’s chart-topping artists for free, and help us cover our running costs. Click on WBC to learn more about these unique opportunities.
  • Join us in planning, organising and volunteering to help out at fundraising events. Click on News & Events for details of our next exciting fundraising event.
  • With your donations. Click here to contact the club.
  • By remembering North London LETS with a legacy in your will. Click here to contact the club.


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