The Phone Co-op

Is fundraising from my sofa possible? Yes!

With your phone call or internet access!

Did you know that you can sign up to receive your home or business telephone, mobile or broadband services from the Phone Co-op, and help North London LETS raise funds to meet our running costs, with every phone call and internet visit you make? And all at no additional cost to you!

Other deals*as at 25.06.2012, subject to change

Mobile from £2 per month

Phone from £12.50 per month

Broadband from £14.45 per month

Phone and broadband from £21.95 per month

What are the benefits?

Your personal benefits:                                               

  • North London LETS members receive £10 free credit, as a new subscriber bonus.
  • You enjoy receiving low cost and high value telephone and internet services from the only telecoms provider in the UK operating as a co-operative. As part of the collective movement, at the Phone Co-op, member ownership and serving its members’ interests by providing great telephone and broadband services in a socially ethical and sustainable way, take priority over the pursuit of profits.
  • the Phone Co-op’s business mission is ethically well-aligned with the objectives of the international LETS movement we here at North London LETS belong to.

North London LETS’ benefits:    

  • We receive a portion of our members’ telephone call and internet spend from referred customers, for as long as you remain a customer of the Phone Co-op. At no cost whatsoever to you!
  • This income generated from the Phone Co-op helps us towards paying our running costs, enabling us to serve our members’ interests and the local community even better.

Win – Win!

How do I sign up?

To begin using the telecoms services of the Phone Co-op, ask about deals or tailor-made packages, please contact the Phone Co-op directly on:

Telephone:         0845 458 9040   or    0845 458 9000     

Working hours:   Mon-Fri 09:00-19:00 and Sat 09:00-15:00

Email:        quoting

                          Affinity Partner Number: AF026 and

                          North London LETS in the subject line.


When signing up, please remember to quote:

North London LETS Affinity Partner Number AF026

Doing this, ensures you receive your £10 credit and we receive an ongoing portion of your spend as our income – at no extra cost to you!


Please also let North London LETS’ management committee know you have signed up to the Phone Co-op, so our treasurer can identify incoming payments.

Why not begin communicating

more easily and ethically?

Thank you for helping us, to help you too!


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