The Worker’s Beer Company

The Worker’s Beer Company (WBC) offers charities and non-profit organisations, such as North London LETS, the opportunity for our members and supporters to volunteer their time and work serving beer to live music festival goers at internationally renowned live music events all over the United Kingdom. The Worker’s Beer Company remunerates our volunteers for their hours, paying the proceeds to North London LETS.

North London LETS has previously successfully worked together with the Worker’s Beer Company. Each Spring, the Worker’s Beer Company contacts our representative with their live music venue dates spread over the summer and late summer months. The Worker’s Beer Company requests we submit the names and numbers of our member volunteers able to work at each of these events.

The Worker’s Beer Company has historically been an important source of income that enables North London LETS to cover its running costs.

You can volunteer at any time

If you would like to volunteer to work at any, many, or indeed all of the United Kingdom’s best live music events on behalf of North London LETS, please click nlletswbccoordinator[at]e-apollo[dot]lv to contact our longstanding and supportive Worker’s Beer Company coordinator, Alan, directly via his email today!

There is usually an annual deadline for applications, however you can apply to be a volunteer at any time. If you want to attend a specific live music event and the tickets are sold out, sometimes there is flexibility or there are late announcements of new event allocations to North London LETS volunteers. So, the sooner you can let our representative know, the better! And the more live music events you can attend each year for free!

Your benefits

Our volunteers benefit from enjoying the buzz of attending big live music events up and down the country, that feature many of today’s leading singers, musicians and chart-topping bands, absolutely free of charge!


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