Publicity Material

Hey, Let Everyone Know About Us!

Thanks for your help to publicise what North London LETS does! This helps us continue to help people locally in our north London community to live better lives.

Here are some general publicity materials about North London LETS you can download and print. All materials open as a pdf file in a separate window. Press the <- backspace arrow on your internet browser’s toolbar to return to this page.


NLLETS General Flyer (3 per A4 page in colour – single sided printing)

NLLETS The Phone-Co-op’s Affinity Partner (2 per A4 page in colour – double sided printing) 

NLLETS WBC Flyer Work in progress.


A5 colour (2 per A4 page) Work in progress.

A4 colour (1 per A4 page) Work in progress.

Legal Notice:

Please ensure you have obtained full permission from the owner of the space to display our publicity materials in a public place or private venue prior to doing so, and ensure these may be displayed free of charge

North London LETS cannot accept any responsibility for costs or liabilities incurred as a result of displaying our publicity materials in places that charge a fee for this. If you are able to cover any cost yourself, we hugely appreciate your generosity. Members should obtain prior written authorisation from the treasurer before proceeding to incur any publicity costs they wish to have reimbursed. Thank you. 


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