How to Trade

How do I trade with another NLLETS Member? For Beginners…

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Examples of Offers and Exchanges

Babysitting, baking, DIY, gardening, ironing, IT, healing, housework, language learning, singing, sewing, typing … the possibilities are endless! 


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Example of a baking ‘exchange’ or ‘trade’ between Andrew and Betty:

  • Andrew, who cannot bake, needs a cake next week for his friend’s birthday.
  • Andrew checks his North London LETS Membership Directory, and finds Betty offers to bake cakes.
  • Andrew contacts Betty and they agree on the delivery date and type of cake Andrew would like. They also agree on the number of pledges Andrew ‘pays’ for Betty’s time and the ingredients.
  • Betty bakes Andrew the cake he wants, and Andrew is happy.
  • But there’s a twist in the North London LETS story… Betty is also happy! Not just because she has helped Andrew, but also because she will have ‘earned’ herself a number of units of credit called ‘pledges’. Betty can save and store these pledges she has earned (on ‘the system’) and use them to ‘pay’ for services she needs from any other North London LETS members in the future.
  • Andrew and Betty can ‘earn’ pledges by offering services of their choice within the North London LETS member community, and use/‘spend’ their earned and stored pledges to obtain services from any other North London LETS member in the community.
  • A big plus is that this way, the constraints of just a two-way exchange are overcome. Energies and skills are exchanged amongst all members in multi-way exchanges, either now or in the future.


Deciding on Your Offers and Wants

1. Where to begin?

Deciding on Your Offers and Wants


We all have some tried and tested skills, and some hidden talents … is there something you’d particularly enjoy offering others?

2. Wondering what you can do?

  • Our Decision Guide and the Trading Inspiration sheet help to get you thinking about what you can offer and what you may want from NLLETS. Both are equally important! On a blank sheet of paper, jot down your first ideas, and then re-write them as adverts for the Membership Directory.
  • Think what you enjoy doing, whether this is your profession, or not, as you can offer these as services!
  • Think of things you would like done for you, e.g. window cleaning, filling in forms, repairing the car, shopping, cooking, etc.
  • Think of belongings, which you own, that you could share with others, e.g. your lawn mower, fax machine, washing machine, bike, tools, DVDs, spare room, tent, garden, etc.
  • Think of any items you might like to offer on NLLETS, e.g. garden produce, crafts, unwanted clothes, books, toys, equipment, bric-a-brac, furniture, etc.

Wondering What You Can Do

3. Guidelines for writing your entries:

  • If you offer what you enjoy doing, trading will be more fun! Be detailed, for example, ‘dog walking’ – is it for a specific area? Do you collect and return? Is it in a park or round the streets?
  • Entries are not set in stone; our online Membership Directory CES can be updated as often as you wish at any time, whereas the paper Membership Directory is printed annually.
  • When writing your offers, give an indication of your experience and/or qualifications.
  • Being innovative and imaginative in how you communicate your ‘offers’ will attract more members to ‘want’ your time, products and services. 

Trading Inspiration

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