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  • Our website has just had a new form added on the Join page to allow people to easily enquire about membership. Why not take a look and let your friends know about it?
  • A Tabletop Sale & Trading Event will now be happening at our Welcome Sessions. These double up as an informal opportunity for all members to come together in our events room, showcase their products and services, put faces to names, and see what other members are currently offering. So do come along and share a great evening with us! Non-members are invited, and will be talking to the Introduction Team as well as taking a closer look at what we all do at North London LETS! Why not bring a friend, and make an evening of it over a cup of tea or coffee!
  • Fundraising is where North London LETS advertise for our members’ and non-members’ support to cover our running costs. Please take a look and see what you can do to help out – both hands on at events and indirectly by organising them. The Admin Team at the office look forward to hearing from you!
  • If you wish to see how our whole website is growing and developing, check out our Sitemap.

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Offline Trading System: Please continue to use the printed Membership Directory and give your Pledge Cheques to a Management Committee member when you see them.


2 Responses to Members Area

  1. Hi.
    Hello to you from members of the wonderful North London NETS and please access THIS site again and again
    PLEASE access this site many times now to up it’s position in the search engines.

    There are old websites that have no connection for some years to North London LETS and contact through those two sites wont get to our community group but the search engines will mistakenly take you there.

    This is http://www.nllets .CO.UK

    {NOT and not the letslink site}
    .So the more it is accessed the better.

    We are working on updating the events.

    If you leave your phone number [&/or email address] to our office:
    either our phone voicemail or our email address we will get back to you.

    and HAPPY 2O12!


  2. OOPS typo….should say’ North London LETS’


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