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Hello dear Members! We need you!

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… Can you help?

Helping hands are always welcome, to lighten and share the work of running North London LETS, so everyone can benefit.

  • Fundraising Team: Whilst we no longer have office rent to pay, phones, postage, internet and website are costs of running North London LETS that need to be paid for. Can you help to organise a fundraising event or two? Can you take the initiative to research and contact potential donors? All suggestions welcome.
  • Social Team: We like to hold events on a quarterly basis, so old and new North London LETS members can regularly meet face-to-face to encourage trading activity and socialising. Can you help to organise a North London LETS social event for us? Perhaps arrange some entertainment? Do some catering? Can you assist in the kitchen? Design a menu? All hands on deck are always welcome to set up or clear the room afterwards as well.

  • Flyer Distributors: We regularly hold events, socials and welcome sessions to introduce the concept of LETS to the local north London community, and invite people to join in. To help publicise these, we also use flyers. So, if you enjoy walking, this activity may be right up your street! Please let the office know which local areas you can cover.
  • Admin Team: Coordinating and liaising with the Management Committee and our members, is key to keeping North London LETS running smoothly. Do you have Word or Excel or Emailing experience? A pleasant and friendly manner? A computer with internet access at home or free internet access at your local library or at a friend’s home? If you enjoy liaising with all sorts of people about all sorts of things, then this could be for you.
  • Online Buddies: Are you comfortable using a computer and being online? Could you assist members who aren’t computer literate or don’t have a PC to post their offers and wants on our online trading system? Can you be in touch with some members about our latest news and forthcoming events? This personal touch ensures we remain inclusive.

If you have any of these skills, or would like to try your hand at gaining new personal abilities, please get in touch with us by email today!

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